Real Food in Real Life

Welcome to Module 4!

This week is all about strategies for getting real food on the table regularly, even when we’re contending with busyness, picky eaters, and family members who aren’t quite sure they’re on-board with this “healthy living” thing.

So, there are two parts to what we’re looking at today: the three systems you need in place in order to maintain sanity and joy in the kitchen AND getting your family excited about what you feed them.

Once you listen to this week’s podcast, be sure to look through this week’s materials and download the ones you’d like to use!

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How to Get the Most Out of Fresh Start

Listen to the audio in each week’s module FIRST, then use the worksheets and other downloads to think, sketch, and plan. This will help you make the best strides forward and will bring the most encouragement and inspiration.

Time Markers:

  • The discussion of the three systems of a joyful, efficient kitchen begins at 01:32.
  • The description of the different types of meal planning begins at 07:11.
  • The Picky Eaters section begins at 13:52.
  • The section on getting other family members on-board with changes you’d like to make begins at 27:36.

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This video wasn’t recorded specifically for Fresh Start, but here’s an interview that was recorded last year with Katie of Kitchen Stewardship that accompanies this week’s topics beautifully. This one was super-fun to record!



Time-Saving Tips for the Real Food Kitchen

Recurring Grocery Lists

Recurring grocery lists – the two here are identical, one simply is a PDF and one is a customizable Word document – make it easier to shop savvy by only buying what you need and record which stores have the best deals each week. They also help you stay on top of your pantry inventory.

Click on the image above to download the PDF version (this one cannot be customized and must be printed as-is)

Click on the image above to download the customizable version (this one can be changed in any word processing program that recognizes Microsoft Word [.doc] documents)


Another downloadable grocery list at Vertex 42

Just a few suggested meal planning services you may want to try: