Effortless Household Systems


Welcome to Module 5!

This week we’re closely examining our household systems, as these can cause us great stress and chaos as they spin out of control OR they can be the support system that allows us to breathe and have a measure of sanity in our everyday lives.

This week we’ll cover everything from the 4 Pillars of Healthy Family Systems to the 12 Systems Every Household Needs…. and a whole lot more.

And even though there’s a TON of material in this module – and I invite you to remember to rest (remember Module 2?) as you evaluate and plan and give yourself grace for the journey. The most important part of this module isn’t actually the systems themselves, but the space to become students of our homes and our families so that we create systems that serve US rather than us falling into the all-too-common trap of feeling like slaves to our systems.

After all, our goal is to let our systems become effortless. ‘Effortless’ doesn’t mean without work, it means free of straining, exhausting work. When there’s good communication within a family and very clear expectations on what is expected from every member, as well as consistent follow-through on rules and consequences, then the systems you put in place can run efficiently and pleasantly – almost automatically.

It is at that point when household management feels nearly effortless. And that truly is a blessing. 🙂

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How to Get the Most Out of Fresh Start

Listen to the audio in each week’s module FIRST, then use the worksheets and other downloads to think, sketch, and plan. This will help you make the best strides forward and will bring the most encouragement and inspiration.

Keep in mind: There are three reasons we set systems in place…

…One, to minimize and streamline our own workload;

…Two, to bring more joy and peace into our homes; and

…Three, to serve your vision of what you long for your home to be.

So, what is a system? A system is merely a planned, intentional method for making sure goals are reached. So while *most* systems include charts and spreadsheets and measurable outcomes, not all do. Some systems are merely well-thought-out, intentional, repeatable actions.



Time Markers:

  • The description of the two parts of the podcast begins at 02:21.
  • The background and genesis of why I created this module is at 04:46.
  • The introduction to “WHAT are our systems serving?” begins at 05:47.
  • The 4 Pillars of Healthy Family Systems begins at 06:17.
  • The section looking at barometers of success and becoming students of our homes begins at 16:44.
  • The section on Three-Dimensional Living begins at 23:00.
  • The twelve systems every household needs begins at 24:16.


Resources for Working Through This Week’s Assignments

Task #1: Write a Family Mission Statement


How to Write a Family Mission Statement

Creating a Family Mission Statement

why we need to stop trying so hard

Task #2: Create a command center / homemaking binder


How to Create a Family Emergency Binder

Building a Home Planning Notebook

How to Create a Command Center That Works for Your Family

See below for this week’s downloads

Keep in mind: These are helpful links, but they’re not terribly useful without listening to the podcast first. The depth and strength of this module is explained in the podcast, so don’t skip it!


Resources for The 12 Household Systems Every Home Needs + Creating a “Command Central”

…find hundreds more resources at the Home System Resource List….

Cleaning & Tidying the House

1 Year Cleaning List on 1 Page from Rebekah Hoffer (love this!)

Deep Cleaning Checklist from Nina Hendrick

Weekly Cleaning Routine from Clean Mama

How to Clean Your Whole House Without Nasty Chemicals from Red & Honey

Printable Chore Cards from Biblical Homemaking (these are super-cute AND super-classy!)

Meal Preparation

Simple blank meal planner from Life as Mom (so simple – just perfect 🙂 )

Other Food Preparation (Pantry Staples, Freezer Meals, etc)

Pantry Inventory Spreadsheet from Pulling Curls

Pantry Organizing Mistakes from Nina Hendrick

Freezer Cooking 101 from Thriving Home Blog


How to Stop Being Overwhelmed By Laundry from Red & Honey

Family finances

Keeping a budget is absolutely essential for the efficient management of a home. Whether you merely track spending in a spreadsheet or use a proactive app like You Need a Budget (affectionately called YNAB – “Why-nab”), creating and maintaining this system is of utmost importance. I highly recommend making it a priority to set aside just a few minutes each evening to record the day’s expenditures and take stock of where you want to be.

Here are a few useful tools. I like YNAB the most by far, and its strongest benefit is helping you be in control of your money RIGHT NOW, but it’s not as useful for those who have a solid portfolio and want to forecast spending out more than just a month.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)


Teaching children money management

How We Use YNAB to Manage Allowances from Early Bird Mom

Can You Teach Your Children About Money? This Father of Five Says “YES!” from Beyond the Classrom

9 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money from Stewardship

Morning routines

How to Establish a Morning Routine for Kids That Actually Works from A Fine Parent

12 Daily Routine Charts for Kids from Carrots Are Orange

Reframe Your Morning Routine from Aha! Parenting

Evening routines

Building an Evening Routine with Kids of Different Ages from Aha! Parenting

A Better Bedtime Routine – Getting Kids to Go to Bed from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

20 Tips for Finding Your Routine with Kids from The Art of Simple

Storage – both daily organization and long-term storage

See skads of tips & tutorials on Nourishing Joy’s Pinterest board, Making a Home

Paperwork – school papers, bills & more

Organizing Family Paperwork: A Simple System from Early Bird Mom

How to Organize Paperwork (and keep it that way!) from The Peaceful Mom

Emergency preparedness

How to Create a Family Emergency Binder from Mom with a Prep

A system of encouragement

How to Have a Family Meeting from And Here We Are

Creating a “Command Central”

Building a Home Planning Notebook from Passionate Homemaking

How to Create a Command Center That Works for Your Family from Unoriginal Mom

Want more?

We’ve gathered 100+ more homemaking printables, tutorials, and how-to’s into one comprehensive Home System Resource List, so if you’d like to get more ideas or dig deeper, just click here.




These downloads are printables that our family uses in OUR home. However, there are lots more ideas below and in the links provided to deliver practical tools and ideas as you evaluate and tweak the systems in your home.


The first page of this printable is the one we use in our home (and includes our children’s names), but the second page is blank for you to use in whatever way you’d like.


We do chores as a team, partially to help our preschoolers learn how to do each chore well, as well as keep them focused.


To keep track of those recurring tasks…


A customizable chart to keep track of tasks at a “Week at a Glance”


A customizable chart with the day broken into blocks


Description of download (optional)