Dealing with Overwhelm

Welcome to Module 6!

We’re ending the course this week as we started it – with rest and introspection. It deals with the topic of overwhelm and this week there are no tasks to complete or fun sheets to download. Just listen and be refreshed!

The point of this week is merely to mull over the question of when life is overwhelmingly busy, how do we deal with it all? And how do we not just manage the stress, but actually find joy in the midst of it?

Because at the heart of everything we’ve discussed over the last six weeks, that’s the crux of it: when we see clearly what we cherish most, what in our schedules and activities are most important to us, and know the unique gifts we have to offer, all the rest tends to fall into place and the chaos of overwhelm tends to melt away.

Thus, this week provides five essentials for keeping overwhelm at bay.

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How to Get the Most Out of Fresh Start

Listen to the audio in each week’s module FIRST, then use the worksheets and other downloads to think, sketch, and plan. This will help you make the best strides forward and will bring the most encouragement and inspiration.


This is the final week of the course, and if you’ve walked carefully through this course, you’ve poured a CONSIDERABLE amount of time and energy into creating systems that are true tools for your home and carefully analyzing your own family and priorities.

Thus, this week there are no task sheets, no assignments, no homework. We’re dealing with how to deal with overwhelm, so the lack of tasks is completely intentional. 🙂 It’s merely a week to listen to the podcast, celebrate what you’ve accomplished, and hopefully end the course feeling like your home, your heart, and your mind have been refreshed with a breath of fresh air.

In the podcast this week, I mentioned a blog post from the blog, Passionate Homemaking, with a few ideas for creating Quiet Time when you have young ones. Click here to read the original article. The ideas I shared are merely mentioned in passing, but if you enjoy reading Christian homemaking blogs, Passionate Homemaking is definitely one of the best.

Now that we’ve reached the end of the course, I most certainly wish you deep blessings! It has been a JOY having you in the course.

If you appreciated Fresh Start or have suggestions for upcoming years (we run it live every year), please don’t hesitate to contact me at I would LOVE to hear from you!